How I do it

It’s defined the utilization: racing, common use, coaster brake or fixed gear and all the other possible shades.

After the mechanics, we pass through the aesthetics, strongly tied to the first, for fitting the client use.

The detail carefulness isn’t enough, the bike, in its whole, must be homogenous, in a perfect balance within.

Every single part is craftmade, from the frame to the saddle.

None of the bikes is equal to another one.

Every bike is built up according to the client needs, to his style, character and habits, to live it and wear it day by day.

Where I live

Ferrara is the “italian city of bicycles” with the greatest number of cyclists, exceeding the best European examples of Holland or cities like Copenaghen.

At every entrance of the city it’s placed a signpost with a written saying “Ferrara, city of bicycles”, followed by the adhesion quote of the European web of the bike-friendly cities “cities for cyclists” and by the UNESCO acknowledgement of World Heritage List.

Thanks to its Renaissance plan, the historical city is considered like a urban core that privileges and fosters the cycling component.